Earning money online daily is possible. Every day more and more web portals, applications, and digital media appear that allow the generation of income through the internet, either working from home or while traveling around the world.

Of course, do not think that it is simple and that money will fall from the sky overnight … however, there are many easy alternatives to generate extra money or even start a professional career that does not depend on a specific geographical location. 

The idea is to stick with those web portals to earn money online that fits the professional skills you can offer and meet your conditions as a remote worker. 

Without further introduction, let’s see what page options to find employment online and earn money daily exist for you.

Ready for the journey to online employment? Time to buckle up. Here comes an avalanche of web portals with which you can earn money without leaving your computer: 

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If you want to make money daily by testing digital products before their official launch, UserTesting is a website where you can work remotely, giving your first impressions. 

That’s how it is! In UserTesting, your only mission will be to test web pages or applications that are about to be released, give recommendations on their quality, and share your experience as an average user.


IntelliZoom is another highly recommended option to earn money daily testing web pages, applications, software programs, and systems, especially if you are a Spanish speaker and want to collaborate on projects in your native language. 

The dynamic is simple: you will be hired to participate in a market study, and you will be in charge of evaluating a digital product, usually in an average time of between 10-20 minutes, depending on the complexity. Your opinions must be recorded in video format. 


Continuing with the list of web portals with which you can earn money daily for the simple fact of testing the level of quality in the usability and experience of a website, UXmonkeys cannot be left out of the recommendations. 

Through this web portal, you will have the option of registering as a “tester” to receive your first projects and make sure that everything works correctly to receive remuneration in return. 

At the moment, the tool is only available in Spain.


By simply filling out the registration form, Surveyeah allows you to generate income online daily by the simple fact of answering surveys and participating in their market studies. 

For each completed survey, you will earn between € 0.25 and € 4 depending on the duration. Keep in mind that most of the surveys sent by Surveyeah have an average duration set between 5-20 minutes. 

Opinion Center

At this point, you will be clear that your opinion is worth money when it comes to working online. If you live in Spain, you can always reserve a few minutes of your day to complete Opinion Center surveys, view advertisements, test prototypes, and even participate in external missions. 

Opinion Center is a market research panel focused on paid online surveys. By registering to participate in these surveys, you will begin to accumulate points within the website that you can exchange for valid credits to purchase products from different brands that we usually use daily.


Toluna is another very interesting web portal for those who want to work filling out surveys to receive valuable benefits without leaving the computer. 

By simply sharing general opinions about products, routines, leisure activities, brands that we consume daily, and experiences with which you are familiar, you accumulate exchangeable points for prizes that will surely catch your attention. 


If you have any skills that you can demonstrate using a computer with an internet connection, there will surely be someone willing to hire you for it on Fiverr. 

From sending a video dancing or telling a joke to more “serious” freelance services such as writing an article, designing a logo, translating content, programming and application, or collaborating as a virtual assistant, Fiverr is the most popular freelance employment platform of the last years. 

For a price starting at $ 5, you can offer your skills to the rest of the world and multiply your daily income in a matter of a few clicks. 


Upwork is another must-have platform for many remote employees, digital nomads, and freelancers who want to earn money online daily. 

This web portal has the mission of connecting independent professionals with clients from different parts of the world, willing to remunerate your collaboration in projects of design, writing, digital marketing, development, translation, finance, customer service, among many other areas in which that you can show your skills without leaving home.


Workana is an online platform that hosts a remote job bank aimed at freelancers, specifically interested in collaborating with projects and proposals from independent clients and companies from different parts of the world (with an emphasis on Spanish-speaking countries). 

Daily, the freelance job pool is updated with remote projects in digital marketing, programming and IT, multimedia design, writing, translation, sales, customer service, finance, legal, production, and manufacturing. 


Freelancer is an online employment platform that works as an intermediary between freelance professionals, private clients, or companies from all over the world, willing to hire the specific services of freelancers in various areas. 

If you have skills in writing, translation, programming, design, video editing, consulting, virtual assistance, among other categories of skills that you can demonstrate in an online environment, the job opportunities posted daily on Freelancer could be your interest. 


If you are self-employed and interested in expanding your list of web portals where you can find opportunities to earn money online, Twago is another option that you can look at. 

This platform, an intermediary between freelancers and clients with remote employment proposals in different categories, will help you find projects to increase your experience and skills in the areas of web and programming, design and media, translation, writing, marketing, and sales or services. Administrative for companies.


If you are specialized in any area of ​​teaching and want to take advantage of the advantages of online education to earn money online, Tutellus is one of the largest online learning platforms in the Spanish-speaking market. 

Tutellus offers a space to publish your video courses and keep 70% of the income each time a student decides to register to receive your lessons. An attractive opportunity to generate passive income. 


JivoChat is a live chat communication tool designed to facilitate interactions between a company and its customers. 

Participants in the JivoChat affiliate program have the opportunity to receive income through PayPal, thanks to their collaboration to promote the tool, send referrals, and help more users decide to implement this service on their websites and landing pages. 

Great content

Great content is an online platform aimed at digital writers, translators, editors, and even transcriptionists who want to make money by offering freelance services related to writing for business purposes. 


If you are looking for an online job as a professional writer, translator, and/or proofreader, TextMaster is a web portal specialized in freelance job opportunities for qualified people in any of these areas related to the creation of digital content. 


Udemy is an online training platform that offers courses on different topics of interest. Its advantage over other portals of this style is that it allows online teachers from different parts of the world to publish their academic content and generate income for each training that students acquire through Udemy. 

In addition, it has an affiliate program with which you can also generate percentage commissions by working on the promotion of courses hosted on this platform. 


Skillshare is an online platform that facilitates distance learning through video courses created by community teachers. Skillshare students pay a monthly or annual subscription to the platform to access their entire library of courses, so if you want to earn money online, you can always create a digital course and generate commissions based on the number of views. 

There are multiple categories and areas of knowledge in which you can start teaching.


Teachable is online learning, coaching, and education platform that connects students and private teachers through specialized courses in various educational fields, from coaching to languages ​​to digital marketing. 

With the tools that Teachable offers, you will be able to create your own profile and virtual classroom to teach online classes to students from different parts of the world, without worrying about establishing contacts or hiring web page creation/maintenance services to start sharing your knowledge. 


If you are bilingual or multilingual, Italki is a platform that allows you to offer your freelance services as a private teacher to teach one or more languages ​​to students from different parts of the world, without geographical barriers thanks to technology. 

After registering as a language teacher on the platform and creating a profile to present your services attractively, you will have the freedom to work at your own pace and schedule, generating hourly income in each of your language lessons. 


Type is another web portal and mobile app that allows you to earn money online working as a remote language teacher, as long as you teach your native language. 

To start your path as an online tutor to students who want to learn your mother tongue, you must register on the platform, complete the evaluations with a professional selector. If you pass, you will create a profile and collaborate with the student community by following your own pace and schedule. 


BuddySchool is an online educational platform where you can register for free as a tutor and earn money by teaching classes and academic lessons in your areas of specialty from home and with autonomy on your availability schedule. 

BuddySchool students can browse through the different teacher profiles, find the ones that fit their needs, and hire them by the hour.


Since 2011, Hotmart is a digital platform specialized in affiliate marketing. If you want to start generating income online, you can join the Hotmart affiliate network to obtain countless digital products to refer to and promote to earn commissions in return, receiving up to 80% of the profits.



One of the most popular affiliate platforms globally, ClickBank allows you to earn money online promoting digital products from its catalog through personalized links. For every sale made through your referrals, you will get a commission. 

Amazon Affiliates

If you have a website, blog, or any niche online platform with a certain level of influence, the Amazon Affiliate program is an interesting option to earn money daily simply by promoting products through personalized links that redirect to your purchase of Amazon. 

Thanks to your links for each purchase that a customer establishes, Amazon will pay a commission based on the promoted product and its price on the platform. 


Amazon Mechanical Turk

If you want to earn money online doing simple tasks that do not require much effort, Amazon Mechanical Turk is another Amazon option open to all those who want to start working from home or traveling the world as digital nomads. 

Through this platform, companies publish specific assignments that must be covered. At the same time, registered users are responsible for completing tasks in a short time to receive an economic reward in return (set by the client). 

The assigned tasks are usually as simple as tagging images, transcribing audio fragments into text, cleaning databases, verifying information, conducting surveys, etc.


If you’ve always dreamed of working as an influencer and earning money by establishing alliances with major brands, IZEA is a platform to connect with companies in search of opinion leaders interested in promoting their services through blogs and social networks. 

By registering as an influencer at IZEA, the platform acts as an intermediary to help you find offers from campaigns in seeking influencers, to which you can apply by presenting your rates and conditions of service. 


From offering your freelance services to completing specific projects to collaborating with teams of long-term freelancers, PeoplePerHour connects you with potential clients from different parts of the world to find work without geographical barriers. 

By simply registering, you will now be able to access the freelance job board with numerous projects aimed at freelancers focused on different areas: programmers, writers, translators, designers, digital marketing experts, audiovisual editors, virtual assistants, and even comedians with a fee per set time. 

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock (formerly called Fotolia) is a bank of royalty-free images for lovers of photography and video in high quality. You can upload those photos and videos you capture with the camera and have a quality level that meets the customer’s expectations. 

From portraits to natural landscapes to food and travel, Adobe Stock has a community that values ​​your visual work like never before. 


Continuing with the web portals to generate income with your photographs, Shutterstock is another of the banks of images, videos, and even music and other stock graphics. You can earn money online today. 


2Captcha allows you to earn money online by doing an activity that you probably already do daily for free: solving captchas. All you need is to access a computer with an internet connection, register on the platform, and collaborate on their image recognition projects. 

It is an ideal option if you are in a country where traditional jobs do not allow you to generate stable income in dollars. 


With Foap, you will have the opportunity to add income to your account by doing another activity that you probably already do daily: taking pictures with your mobile. 

For approximately $ 5, you can sell your most attractive photographs, along with their use permits, to companies and clients interested in using royalty-free images for commercial purposes. 


Did you know that you can make money online by selling your Instagram photosTwenty20 is an online marketplace that allows you to sell photos (along with their free license to use) to people or companies who want to include them in their creative projects, commercial advertisements, web pages, etc.

To start generating income, the first step is to build a gallery with your most attractive Instagram photos with potential for commercial output so that you can gain exposure on the platform, thanks to the quality of your work. 


Toptal is a freelance work web portal that allows you to earn money from home or while traveling by offering specific services, usually in design, development, and administrative management. 

The most notable quality of the platform is the qualification guarantees it offers to its clients. Freelancers who are exclusively admitted to Toptal have access to some of the best freelance job opportunities available in the telecommuting market. 


If you are passionate about writing and editing texts for current media and websites, Publisuites is one of the best-known platforms in Spain to earn money online, collaborating with different clients and media that require help from marketing experts from content. 

Through Publisuites, you will have the opportunity to work on different projects for clients, such as blog reviews, sponsored recommendation notes, commercial text editing, among other assignments. 


With Maximiles, you will have the option of generating income online by answering surveys and exchanging the points accumulated for different gifts from brands that we usually acquire products and services frequently, such as Amazon. 

UX Booth

UX Booth is another website to generate income by writing articles focused on design and user experience (UX) topics for this online publication. Articles must be between 1200 and 1800 words in length and be previously submitted with a draft for review. 

If your content is approved, the platform offers a financial compensation of nothing more and nothing less than $ 100 per article, but keep in mind that you must have experience in the UX area since their demands and expectations are high. 


Are you interested in earning money online daily by making transcripts? A text is an Argentine online platform that allows you to generate income from home to transcribe small audio fragments following the instructions indicated.


If you are interested in making money drawing, illustrating, or sharing your favorite designs with the world in the form of t-shirts, mugs, stickers, mobile cases, among other products, Redbubble opens the possibility of creating your own online store without any prior investment. 

The process is simple: you register on the platform, upload your designs following the indicated format, choose the products in which you want them to be sold, and for each sale, Redbubble takes care of managing the printing and logistics in exchange for a commission. 

Artists are entitled to keep the highest percentage of the profits. 


Like Redbubble, Society6 allows graphic designers, illustrators, and visual artists to create an online store where they can sell their art pieces in different products (T-shirts, mugs, office supplies, mobile phone cases, decoration, reusable bags, etc.).

Artists can decide the price of their creations and earn a commission on every purchase customers make from their design store without worrying about print issues or item shipping. 

Mobile Prints

Another platform to show your photographic talent to the world (and earn money in return!) Is Mobile Prints, a website that allows you to create an online store with your most attractive Instagram photos. 

If you are dedicated to capturing high-quality images and sharing them on social networks, you can always upload them to Mobile Prints and sell them in the form of decorative items, postcards, T-shirts, reusable bags, mobile covers, etc.


PrizeRebel is a veteran website in the world of paid online surveys, so if you want to earn money online with this simple method, the only requirement is to create an account and complete your profile to manage the type of surveys you will receive. 


Since its founding in 2008, Neobux is a web portal that allows you to earn money online by viewing ads and advertising daily, among other “mini-tasks”. For each click you make on the ads, Neobux accumulates earnings that you can withdraw through the different payment methods available. 


Swagbucks is another highly popular website where you can earn money daily by answering surveys on very diverse topics, mostly associated with your experience as a consumer. As you fill out the surveys, which are usually quite simple, you accumulate points redeemable for income to your PayPal account.


Like several websites on this list, Enroll opens up the possibility of making money online by testing different websites and reporting your experience to enhance their usability, design, and user experience (UX). 

All you have to do is register and wait for the notification via email that evidence is available for you. 


With just investing about 15 minutes of your day at Analysis, you can earn money online by testing the usability of web pages based on the instructions of the tests that the platform assigns via email. 


99designs is a web portal that allows you to demonstrate your skills in design by collaborating with clients and companies around the world. 

👉 By registering a designer profile on the platform and uploading your portfolio, 99designs users will be able to contact you to request the design of logos, advertisements, social media posts, T-shirt graphics, among other projects that involve visual knowledge and creativity.


The wave of “streamers” generating income on portals like Twitch continues to be a topic of conversation about which there is much to be said. 

The truth is that being part of the Twitch affiliate program is a way to earn a living by broadcasting live. At the same time, you play video games, chat with friends, comment on programs, teach online tutorials, draw, among many other activities. 


If you already have or are interested in creating a YouTube channel that exceeds 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of playback, the famous video platform also has monetization options through its partner program, where you generate income for each view of the video. Advertising content added to your videos.


It is no secret to anyone that there are more and more ways to monetize an Instagram profile: from collaborating with brands promoting their products and services in exchange for commissions to creating your own store on this social network, Instagram is a source of money that deserves worth exploring if you like the world of social media marketing.


For the most outgoing and creative, the social network of the moment, TikTok, is also a daily way to generate income with your account, as long as you belong to the fund for creators and go viral on the platform, work as an influencer or use your popularity in the network to promote your brand. 

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