Costa Rica has joined the list of countries that offer visas for digital nomads. If you want to work for a season from this spectacular world destination, now you can participate in obtaining one of these special visas.

The popular Tico country joins the visa initiatives for digital nomads and bureaucratically facilitates professionals who lead a lifestyle and work up to date with new technologies. 

To reactivate the country’s economy and increase post-pandemic tourism competitiveness, Costa Rica has approved the law to grant visas to digital nomads, a special migratory condition for teleworkers that will provide long-term benefits to the most adventurous foreigners. 

Previously, digital nomads who wanted to live and work from Costa Rica could only enter the country for a limited period of 90 days (in tourist condition); However, the new visa for digital nomads from Costa Rica opens the possibility of enjoying the wonders of this country for many more months. 

Do you want to know everything we know so far about this visa that will benefit freelancers, teleworkers, and freelancers who dream of this Central American destination? Read on to find out all the details about the visa to be a digital nomad in Costa Rica:

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Visa for digital nomads in Costa Rica: What does it consist of?

The new visa for digital nomads in Costa Rica, officially approved at the legislative level in August 2021, is a migratory document in the non-resident migratory category that allows teleworkers and freelance professionals of foreign origin to carry out their professional activity remotely from Costa Rica for a period of one year (extendable). 

By obtaining this visa, digital nomads who want a long-term stay in Costa Rica will receive the right and authorization to carry out their professional activity in “Tico” territory, as long as the collaboration is not established with companies and/or clients of local Costa Rican origin. 

General requirements to apply for the visa for digital nomads in Costa Rica.

The general requirements that you must comply with to apply for this Costa Rican visa are: 

  • Be an employee of a remote company or be registered as a self-employed person in your country of origin. 
  • Not perform paid professional work or services within the Costa Rican national territory. 
  • Receive an established monthly income, on average equal to or greater than 3,000 US dollars ($ 4,000 for cases where the visa is extended to family members). You can demonstrate these funds by submitting account statements that reflect your stable activity in recent months. 
  • Acquire a medical insurance policy that covers the entire period of your stay in Costa Rica. 
  • Pay the applicable application fees.

Benefits of the visa to work in Costa Rica

Some of the advantages that are obtaining this residence permit in Costa Rica would entail is the possibility of opening local bank accounts without any inconvenience, being exempt from taxes, driving vehicles in the country with a recognized international license, free import of equipment necessary to carry out their professional activity, among other benefits. 

Also, remember that it is not the first time Costa Rica has caught the eye of digital nomads since this Central American country is one of the most appreciated by professionals who follow this lifestyle. Many digital nomads have already resided in parts of the country for years through alternative migration routes. 

How to apply for a visa for digital nomads in Costa Rica?

The initiative to grant visas to digital nomads who wish to telework from this Central American country still has some pending tasks to bring to light. 

Until then, it is known that this new law obliges the Costa Rican General Directorate of Migration and Foreigners to establish a digital platform to request the visa category as a digital nomad to facilitate the process 100% online. 

Frequently asked questions about the visa for digital nomads in Costa Rica

Some very common doubts about this visa to attract digital nomads to Costa Rica are:

Is it possible to travel with family and obtain a visa extension?

That’s how it is! Digital nomads who decide to travel to Costa Rica through this visa will have the right to a visa extension for up to two people who make up the family nucleus. In this case, it will be necessary to demonstrate that you have a monthly income of more than US $ 4,000

Is the Costa Rica digital nomad visa extendable? 

Yes! The Costa Rican visa for digital nomads would come with the option of being extended once for an additional period of one year, as long as you continue to meet the previous eligibility requirements and have remained on national soil for at least 180 days from obtaining the first visa. 

How long would it take to receive a response on the visa approval?

The application processes for this type of visa are expected to activate streamlining plans, compared to other applications of a migratory nature that exist in the country, obtaining a response in a period of approximately 15 days. 

How much does the visa application cost?

The General Directorate of Migration and Immigration of Costa Rica, together with other authorities in charge of managing the conditions of the law that authorizes the issuance of this visa, have yet to update the regulations regarding the visa application, and it could take several weeks after its official approval. 

We recommend that you stay informed directly through the official web portal of the General Directorate of Migration and Foreigners of Costa Rica.

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