The 10 best American MBAs for an international career

Getting an MBA in the United States doesn’t mean graduates have to stay in that country to work. Some schools allow students to take courses and participate in activities to teach them how to be entrepreneurs abroad and at home. Here are the ten best business schools to get an international turned MBA.

10. University of California — Berkeley (Haas)

Number of full-time students (2019-2020): 591
Good to know: Students at Haas Business School may be consultants as part of the school’s international business development program and typically spend up to three weeks abroad, according to the program’s website.

9. Florida International University

Number of full-time students (2019-2020): 52
Good to know: More than half of faculty and students participating in FIU’s one-year International MBA program are international, and program participants have the opportunity to study abroad during their final semester.

8. George Washington University (DC)

Number of full-time students (2019-2020): 95
Good to know: The full-time Global MBA program lasts 21 months, and one of the compulsory classes in this program is specifically focused on competing in the global economy.

7. University of Michigan — Ann Arbor (Ross)

Number of full-time students (2019-2020): 831
Good to know: As part of the MBA Global Semester Exchange Program, students at Ross Business School can study abroad for a full term in Milan, Sydney, or several other international cities, according to the school’s website.

6. Columbia University (NY)

Number of full-time students (2019-2020): 1,284
Good to know: The Asian Business Association, Latin America Business Association, and African Business Club are some of the many student groups interested in international business, according to the Columbia website.

5. University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)

Number of full-time students (2019-2020): 1,740
Good to know: Through an exchange partnership with INSEAD Business School, MBA students can study on INSEAD campuses in France and Singapore and take advantage of the institution’s career management services, according to the Wharton website.

4. New York University (Stern)

Number of full-time students (2019-2020): 717
Good to know: Students specializing in international business can study emerging financial markets, strategies for global social impact, and other similar topics, according to the school’s website.

3. Georgetown University (McDonough) (DC)

Number of full-time students (2019-2020): 528
Good to know: The Georgetown MBA program involves an international consulting project where students work together for several months to find solutions to a problem faced by a company doing business outside of the United States. Students then take a week-long trip to their client’s country to present their findings and recommendations.

2. Harvard University (MA)

Number of full-time students (2019-2020): 1,868
Good to know: First-year students at HBS are required to develop a new product or service for global partner organizations, which they also visit.

1. University of South Carolina (Moore)

Number of full-time students (2019-2020): 48
Good to know: Moore offers a language stream for its International MBA students, which includes immersion experience in France, Germany, or Mexico and requires students to develop foreign language skills.

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