Do you want to know which are the best scholarships to learn languages ​​abroad? !! Congratulations!! Through this article, you will know some of the most popular scholarships to study languages ​​in another country.

Scholarships to learn languages ​​abroad are an invaluable option for people who do not have sufficient financial resources to pay for academic mobility programs but still demonstrate an excellent disposition and performance potential to train as bilingual students. 

How will you know, learning languages ​​abroad is an experience with multiple advantages: from acquiring a multicultural vision, improving your level of employability, leaving your comfort zone, or creating a network of academic and professional contacts that will contribute to success, even years after having completed your studies, are just some of them. 

Are you ready for the adventure of learning a new language while totally immersing yourself in a new cultural experience? Then it’s time to pack your bags. Since the following scholarships can take you abroad to achieve your goal of communicating in a new international language, take note of the 10 scholarship options to learn languages ​​abroad.

Scholarships from the Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC)

The scholarships from the Spanish Ministry of Education and other academic benefits allow the enrollment of language courses in an Official Language School (EOI), specifically framed within the grants for non-university studies. 

If you meet the access requirements, the scholarship guarantees a full board for intensive courses, generally English, for language immersion. 

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Erasmus + scholarships 

Erasmus + is the best-known program of the European Union to support the training of students from EU member countries through mobility between countries with cultural exchange programs.  

By studying abroad with an Erasmus + scholarship, you can improve your communication skills in different languages but always coming into direct contact with the culture of your destination and fostering new social relationships. 

The Erasmus + scholarship helps cover travel and accommodation expenses, so you only have to worry about getting the most out of your international experience. 

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EF scholarships

Scholarships from the international language teaching company Education First, better known as EF, are options within your reach if you are currently enrolled in a Spanish university or higher education center.

Scholarships to learn languages ​​abroad are in charge of financing your course, travel tickets, accommodation, and basic expenses so that you can learn English in destinations such as Cambridge, Oxford, London, or Boston. 

Also, if you are already fluent in English, don’t be discouraged! EF has scholarship opportunities to help you take French, Chinese, Japanese, German, and Italian courses abroad.

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AFS Intercultura Scholarships

AFS is a non-profit organization that offers scholarships and other grants willing to cover between 50% and 90% of the program’s total cost, with the mission that more students can live a unique international learning experience. 

The scholarships are aimed at secondary and high school students from educational centers affiliated with AFS. who wish to exchange with a host family and develop new skills, including improving their linguistic level until they have mastered the language of the destination country.

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Eurolingua scholarships 

The calls for Eurolingua Scholarships allow the university, secondary, high school, or professional training students to study English in Ireland, guaranteeing 100% coverage when it comes to paying for internal transfer in the country, accommodation, class program. Didactic material, cultural activities, supervision, and accrediting certificate to demonstrate participation. 

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ONCE Foundation scholarships

Young Spanish people between the ages of 18 and 29, who have a disability with a recognized minimum degree of 33%, are guaranteed equal opportunities through the ONCE Foundation scholarships, an organization in charge of improving the social inclusion of this collective. 

The scholarships are co-financed by the European Social Fund and focus on promoting the learning of the English, Francophone, and German languages, specifically in European countries where these languages ​​have a national official status, such as Great Britain, Ireland, Malta, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. 

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German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Scholarships

Do you dream of studying German in Germany? Among the hundreds of scholarships from the DAAD or  German Academic Exchange Service, financial benefits are offered to help you achieve your goal in Germany’s different official authorized schools. 

These scholarships cover different programs according to your level of studies and the academic area in which you want to specialize your experience, including language learning and cultural studies in Germany. 

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Santander scholarships 

The Santander Scholarship program has open calls for students, graduates, and young professionals of Spanish nationality or in a Latin American country. 

Each scholarship has an economic endowment, duration, and different conditions, defined according to the particular conditions of the institution where you plan to study English or other foreign languages. 

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Monbukagakusho Scholarships 

If you are a lover of Japanese culture and it would be a dream for you to learn to master the Japanese language directly in Japan 🇯🇵, Monbukagakusho scholarships have the potential to make your fantasy come true. 

The scholarships are administered by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology of Japan and allow foreigners to study Japanese for one year at different universities in this destination. 

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Korean Foundation (KF) Scholarships

The scarcity of financial resources is no longer an excuse to stop learning Korean: scholarships to participate in Korean language immersion programs at South Korean universities are a reality, thanks to the Korean Foundation. 

Since 1993, the annual calls for Korean Foundation scholarships have offered grants covering living expenses, travel, tuition, and even medical insurance in case of health emergencies.

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As you can see, the possibilities of learning languages ​​abroad with a scholarship are quite wide. From Trabajar por el Mundo, we have the mission of updating you on all the cultural exchange experiences that await you in hundreds of international destinations. 

Japan, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Malta, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria… Which destination do you choose to learn languages ​​abroad?

For more information on calls for open scholarships in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries, among other resources to start or improve your training in the field of languages, be sure to take a look at our section on scholarships around the world.

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