Justlearn is one platform for learning languages ​​where you can also earn money if you are bilingual or multilingual and want to take advantage of this ability to generate income online working from anywhere in the world. 

Online education is a great alternative to work around the world, this format does not stop, and they continually require new professionals to work remotely. Especially when it comes to learning a new language, there are many possibilities, both for those who want to train and for people who want to share their knowledge without geographical barriers in between. Justlearn is just one more proof of it. 

Can you imagine giving online classes in your native language, managing your own pace and schedule, with students from different parts of the world?

Through this guide, you will learn more about Justlearn, a platform that could be among your options to achieve the freelance or digital nomad dream. 

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What is Justlearn, and how does it work

Justlearn is an online platform dedicated to language teaching through an extensive list of verified virtual tutors who connect with students enrolled in the platform through the virtual classroom. 

Language teachers, native or certified speakers whose application is accepted on the platform, have the opportunity to teach lessons in their native language to a community made up of more than 50,000 students from various parts of the world. 

As an advantage, Justlearn online teachers have the freedom and flexibility to define their own rhythms and schedules for teaching the video lessons and set them in their profile so that students can schedule a session in advance. 

Languages ​​you can teach in Justlearn to earn money 

Justlearn is a language learning and teaching platform with the most comprehensive list of languages ​​that students can learn with native speakers. 

Available languages ​​range from widely spoken languages ​​worldwide, such as English, Spanish or French, to ancient languages, from specific regions that have fallen out of use or are at risk of disappearing.

In total, there are more than 60 languages ​​available to teach as an online teacher at Justlearn. In general, on the main page, they highlight:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Hindi
  • Arab
  • Russian
  • Greek
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Dutch
  • Hebrew
  • Polish
  • Hungarian 

And many more languages!

Register and apply as a language teacher at Justlearn 

To start teaching language classes and generate income with Justlearn, the first step is to register a profile on the platform and process your application as a virtual teacher. Follow the steps that we will see below to make your registration successfully: 

  • Access the official Justlearn web portal
  • In the section at the bottom of the page, click on the “Teach” button:
  • Click on the “Get Started” button to start the application process immediately: 
  • You can create your account by linking Justlearn with your Facebook or Google profiles or filling in the data manually. 
  • You will then go to the application screen, so you must carefully indicate your personal and professional data. Some information that Justlearn will request in the selection process (in addition to name, country of origin, telephone number, etc.) are hours of availability to teach, presentation video, introduction about your experience and skills, preferred teaching categories, among others. . All data must be indicated in English.
  • When finished, click the “Apply” button. 

The Justlearn team will contact you to notify you of the status of your application. Remember that the platform only selects the teachers with the greatest potential to offer quality in their services as tutors in their native language, so be sure to impress in detail with your application. 

Justlearn faq 

Still, have questions about how Justlearn works? How much does Justlearn pay? Below we will answer some very common questions among those who plan to generate income by teaching languages ​​online through this platform:

There is no flat fee that you can earn every month by working as an online language teacher at Justlearn. Everything is subject to the number of students and the number of lessons you can teach each month. 

However, Justlearn tutors usually generate between $ 6 and $ 8 for 25 lesson minutes, and students are entitled to pay between 1 and 16 lessons per month depending on the subscription plan they decide to hire.

How does Justlearn pay?

Justlearn payments are issued monthly via PayPal or TransferWise.

What are the most popular Justlearn languages?

Among the languages ​​with the highest number of students enrolled to take lessons with virtual teachers in Justlearn, we can highlight Spanish, English, French, German and Italian.

Final words 

As you can see, if you are a bilingual or multilingual professional, Justlearn is an option worth knowing if you plan to take advantage of your knowledge to earn money online, traveling the world, or working from the comfort of your computer at home. 

Both Justlearn and other platforms of this style are especially recommended tools for those taking their first steps in the field of online education. Its mission is to connect students from a different world with virtual teachers who want to develop a freelance brand without having their own contacts or platforms. 

But now it’s your turn!

Say goodbye to geographical excuses with your students, look at the possibilities offered by this platform to earn money online, and discover if it suits your needs as a distance language tutor. 

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