Are you a bike lover? Would you like to travel by bicycle around the world, staying in free accommodation? Sounds good, right? Warmshowers is one of the cyclotourist platforms that you have to know if you want to find free accommodation in the homes of other travel and bike enthusiasts. 

That’s how it is! Warmshowers (WS), also known as “CouchSurfing for cyclists”, is a channel created by and for cyclists, which operates under donations from the community and does not allow the requirement of any financial fee to provide accommodation for travelers interested in receiving home. 

The exchange goes far beyond money, so many hosts will welcome you to their homes in exchange for your collaboration in household chores, the contribution of your skills and knowledge, sharing cultural experiences, or providing some support or gift during your stay. 

Through this article, you will learn more about what Warmshowers is, how this online portal works, what are its conditions and requirements of use, as well as how to request you’re joining this network of cyclists to travel by bicycle around the world, staying free. 

Without further introduction, let’s start pedaling! 

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What is Warmshowers, and how does it work?

Warmshowers is an online community of bicycle travelers that takes advantage of the collaborative economy to facilitate free accommodation for nomads and bicycle lovers in more than 161 countries and regions worldwide. 

The Warmshowers platform works as an intermediary channel, designed to facilitate connections between cyclists who do tourism or work as digital nomads in a certain country and people willing to offer free accommodation in their homes in exchange for sharing enriching cultural experiences. 

Both hosts and cyclists looking for accommodation must apply to create profiles on the platform, configure their preferences, and send/accept a request to get in touch with other travelers passionate about cycling. 

The platform is maintained based on donations and contributions from users. When applying to Warmshowers, you will have to pay a one-time fee of $ 30 (with a discount option for those who cannot afford it). 

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Requirements to join the Warmshowers community

Before joining the Warm shower community, it is essential to respect the following conditions established by the platform:

  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Pay the fee corresponding to the application.
  • Log in to your account at least once a year to keep your profile and active status. 
  • Avoid using the portal to search for any type of accommodation on trips that do not use the bicycle as the main means of transport. 
  • Avoid using the platform for economic or promotional purposes. 
  • Respond cordially to all requests, messages, and requests that you receive in your account. 
  • Provide feedback to your hosts once your stay in your home is over. 
  • Avoid contact with hosts with whom you do not feel comfortable and report any incident. 

Steps to register at Warmshowers and find free accommodation 

Voucher! Now that you know more details about how Warmshowers works and their philosophy before cycling enthusiasts, we will tell you how to apply to create your first profile on the platform if you want to get in touch with potential hosts in the available countries.

These are the steps you must follow to apply for an account as a guest at Warmshowers: 

  • Access the official portal of Warmshowers (WS)
  • Click on the “Join the Ride” button.
  • Read the terms and conditions of the platform carefully and start filling in the requested information. You must provide your bank card details to complete your one-time financial contribution for benefiting from WS services.
  • When finished, click the “Review your contribution” button. You will receive a verification email, and you will be able to confirm your password. 

Warmshowers will take a week or two to process the request, and after that time, you will have the opportunity to configure your profile with all the details you consider necessary to share with your potential hosts. 

Conclusions about traveling by bicycle around the world staying for free

As you can see, when cycling is more relevant in different areas of the globe, Warmshowers is an opportunity to extract more of your adventures around the world, meeting hosts in solidarity with cyclists in a non-profit hospitality exchange.

With a network made up of more than 164,742 members and 104,824 users willing to host cyclists in the comfort of their homes, Warmshowers is a platform worth knowing if you enjoy traveling using your bicycle as your main means of transport or are a digital nomad who loves the bikes. 

And you? Would you dare to try Warmshowers during your next bike trip? Have you already used this platform as a host or guest?

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