Through this guide, we show you how to send your resume to Consum, one of the supermarket chains in the Community of Valencia and Spain with the highest volume of requests for personnel and employment benefits for its employees. 

Due to the multiple opportunities to join Consum’s workforce, especially in summer, more and more applicants are joining this cooperative’s employment portal, consisting of more than 730 supermarkets present in different communities in Spain. 

However, sending the CV to Consum raises many doubts since the cooperative publishes very few vacancies and prefers to manage their selection process by directly assigning job offers only to those candidates who have registered a profile in the stock exchange. Job. 

Do you want to learn more about Consum’s internal selection processes? Keep reading!

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What is Consum, and what are the benefits of finding a job in this company?

Consum is a Valencian cooperative founded in 1975. It continues its activities in the distribution industries sector with a network of more than 700 supermarkets distributed throughout the Valencian Community, Catalonia, Murcia, Castilla-La Mancha, Aragon, and Andalusia.

With more than 15,363 workers and more than 3,300,000 customer-partners, Consum is one of the supermarket networks with the highest employment benefits that serve as a benchmark in the industry.

Some advantages of sending your CV to Consum and getting a job at the cooperative are: 

  • Fixed hiring (95% of the workforce has a stable job)
  • Salary above the minimum salary established in Spain
  • Right to 5 weeks of vacation per year
  • Training programs to enhance professional skills
  • Management of work location based on proximity to your home 
  • Social benefits 
  • Access to inexperienced jobs 

Jobs available at Consum

One of the most common questions about sending your resume to Consum is, “What kind of jobs could you get?” Some of the jobs that usually have open vacancies are: 

  • Cashier
  • Replenisher 
  • Store manager 
  • Warehouse managers
  • Attention staff in the butchery area 
  • Attention staff in the fruit/vegetable area 
  • Attention staff in the fishmonger area 
  • Secretaries 
  • HR staff
  • Accounting managers 

And many more positions!

Keep in mind that Consum is a cooperative willing to hire personnel without previous work experience, with the mission of helping them in their process of insertion into the labor market. Don’t be afraid to submit your resume to Consum even if you don’t have an extensive work history.

Steps to send your CV to Consum 

Let’s move on to the most important thing: What are the steps to send your resume to this supermarket chain? 

It is important not to lose sight that Consum’s job platform only publishes job offers for which there are no registered candidates; however, most job opportunities are managed in your internal job board, assigning vacancies to previously registered candidate profiles submit your application.

Follow the instructions below to register for the Consum job board and upload your resume: 

  • Access the employment section of the official Consum website 
  • There you can see the job vacancies available, and in this case, send your CV directly to Consum’s talent recruiters to evaluate your profile. Click on the “Start now” button to create a profile on the platform:
  • Fill in the fields with the requested data to create your job applicant account:
  • You will receive an activation email for your account in your email inbox, so accept the verification to continue completing your Consum profile:
  • Log in to your account for the first time to activate the user.
  • To begin the process, you must complete your personal and contact information (identification document, mobile phone, address, country of origin, etc.). You must also check if you have a driving license and/or your own vehicle.
  • The next step is to complete your professional and study experience, in which you must indicate your training history and previous work experiences. 
  • Now is the time to attach your curriculum vitae in the formats supported by the platform:
  • Optionally, you can also set your preferences, such as type of day of interest, type of work, disabilities presented by the applicant, etc.

And ready! You already have your CV up to date in your profile as a job applicant at Consum so that you can apply directly to any job offers that match your profile through the platform. 

Find out which Consum establishment is closest to your location by 

Resume and Cover Letter

Having a resume consistent with the position you are going to apply for is essential. To do this, you can use one of these applications to make your CV quick and easy for the job. Here you will also find some useful tips to develop your CV.

On the other hand, create and adapt your cover letter to apply for any of the positions. A good cover letter can be the key to access the job you are looking for.

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