Did you know that there is an automatic way to know if you are entitled to a SEPE benefit and calculate the amount corresponding to you? The best part is that you do not need to move from home, since with the Self -Calculation Program for unemployment benefits, you can find out online, that is, without going to an employment office.  

Likewise, as it is an informative tool, you can access it without the need for digital identification documents, making the process of knowing your right and amount to receive from the SEPE much more agile. 

Through this guide, you will learn how to quickly find out if you are entitled to any SEPE benefit and perform the self-calculation in a matter of a few minutes. 

Let’s go for it! 

Quickly know your rights to SEPE benefits: Self-calculation program for unemployment benefits.

The Unemployment Benefits Self-Calculation Program is an online consultation form and simulator that informs Spanish citizens of the subsidies and social benefits they are entitled to, according to their particular unemployment condition. 

The form allows the option of answering different questions about your unemployment situation. After collecting the necessary information, it automatically indicates the corresponding benefits, their duration, and the calculation of the amount you will receive from the SEPE based on time worked up. 

User Guide for the Unemployment Benefits Self-Calculation Program

The program for self-calculation of unemployment benefits includes in its database the aid related to the termination of the contract due to external causes (dismissal or contracts not renewed by the company) and the unemployment benefit due to the exhaustion of the contributory benefit, better known as “unemployment”.

Next, we will see what the steps to follow to know this information are quickly:

  • Access the simulator installed in the SEPE Electronic Headquarters. No need to log in or identify yourself.
  • Select the options of your interest based on your specific situation as an unemployed citizen. As we have mentioned, you can choose to consult the benefit or subsidy corresponding to the end of the contract or the exhaustion of your unemployment.
  • Answer all the questions in the system to find out the details of your situation, for example, date of completion of your last job, data on employment benefits you have received in the past, time of work activity in the last 6 years, data on the company, payroll, etc.

And ready! The system will be in charge of establishing the benefits corresponding to your case, along with the amount and the time indicated.

This is an example of the results that the auto calculation program can generate.

Remember that the results produced by this simulator do not generate a right in favor of the amounts indicated until the SEPE issues a direct resolution on your request for benefits.

However, it is an excellent tool to consider to receive an informative approach about your rights as an unemployed person and, of course, quickly know if you have the right to any benefit from the State Public Employment Service. 

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