Does it catch your attention? Preply is one of the many platforms that allow you to earn money online teaching languages ​​wherever you are. Through this guide, you will learn all the details about this web portal and how it benefits more than 49,000 teachers who work from home, thanks to their bilingual or multilingual skills. 

With the exponential growth of online education, there are more and more alternatives to undertake in the freelance world and work as a distance teacher; Platforms like Preply are just another example.

Whether you are a teacher with an official certificate in the teaching area or want to develop your first experiences teaching in virtual environments, this tool is an opportunity to achieve it without having to attend an office, have bosses, and meet a schedule incompatible with your personal life. 

Without further introduction, let’s learn more about what Preply is and how to earn money online teaching languages ​​on this website.

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What is Preply, and how does it work?

Preply is a digital platform focused on learning and teaching languages ​​(among other academic subjects) 100% distance mode, with freelance teachers and private students distributed around more than 180 countries. 

The platform works as an intermediary between these language students and virtual teachers, specifically a channel to establish connections and teach classes and online lessons. The teacher-tutors can set their own rates, define flexible schedules to manage their availability, and improve their skills through an interactive classroom

Today, Preply has more than 49,000 teachers registered to teach classes in different languages ​​and more than 800,000 international students who hire them and agree to pay their fees to enhance their learning. 

Languages ​​you can teach in Preply to earn money online 

The list of languages ​​with which you can earn money teaching at Preply is not at all short in terms of options. Among the most popular languages, according to the number of registered teachers and students, it is possible to highlight:

  • English 
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Arab
  • Japanese
  • Chinese

Additionally, it is also possible to teach Korean, Polish, Catalan, Dutch, Serbian, Greek, Hindi, Swedish, Danish, Indonesian, Turkish, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Urdu, Czech, among many others!

Register and apply to be a language teacher in Preply step by step

Let’s move on to one of the most important points: Registering as a teacher on Preply? Keep in mind that before starting to teach any lesson, you must create and apply with a profile on the platform and wait for it to be approved by the Preply selection team during the next 5 business days. 

Below we describe the steps to follow to send your application as a teacher to the Preply team: 

  • Access the official Preply web portal
  • Click on the button “Become a teacher.”
  • Enter your email address and create a password for your Preply profile in the fields provided. You can also link your Preply account with your Facebook or Google profiles to speed up the process: 
  • Complete the basic information requested about your profile (name, surname, country of origin, age, telephone number, spoken languages, languages ​​to be taught in Preply, hourly rates, etc.): 
  • Upload a profile photo respecting the formats and recommendations indicated.
  • Share all the main data about your teaching certifications related to language teaching. If you still do not have accrediting qualifications of this type, check the last box:
  • Enter the data related to your higher education.
  • Complete the description of your profile with all the requested information. Remember that this is the information that your potential students will see before hiring you, so take care of all the details and try to capture their attention:
  • Record a two-minute presentation video. 
  • Define your availability hours to teach classes.

And that’s it! You have already completed your profile on Preply, and now you have to wait for your admission to the platform for the next 5 business days. If approved, you will receive a notification via email, and you will be able to continue customizing your account details and general presentation later. 

Frequently asked questions about making money on Preply

Some very common doubts that arise when applying as a virtual teacher in Preply are: 

How much does Preply pay?

At Preply, online teachers have the right to set their own hourly prices based on what they can contribute to each lesson. 

In short: you are free to charge whatever you want; however, keep in mind that teachers registered with Preply charge an average of $ 15-25 per hour. In addition, the platform will subtract a percentage commission for providing the intermediary service; this starts at 33% and decreases to 18%, according to the number of hours you have taught on the platform.

How does Preply pay?

Reply uses digital payment methods such as PayPal, Payoneer, Wise, and Skrill. 

Do I need previous experience and training to teach languages ​​at Preply?

No! Unlike many other platforms of this style, Preply supports language teachers and tutors who have become bilingual or multilingual in an informal way and/or do not have certifying qualifications of training or previous experience in the area of ​​teaching new languages. 

However, Preply students prioritize the relationship with those profiles of virtual teachers and tutors who have official certifications and demonstrable experience, so if you want to improve your relevance on the platform, you must commit to working on your training. 

Alternative options to earn money online at Preply

Although the main method to earn money online in Preply is to register a profile as a language teacher, there are some alternative options with which income generation is also allowed, for example: 

Apply for a direct job on the platform

In addition to the possibilities open to freelance teachers, it is also possible to apply for formal jobs that are available as vacancies on Preply and are not necessarily related to language teaching. 

Opportunities range from jobs for professionals in the world of digital marketing to programmers or customer service managers. 

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Join the referral program

Both teachers and students at Preply have the opportunity to join the referral program and earn a 20% commission for each person who purchases a class on Preply through their personalized link. 

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Apply to offers made by students

Preply students have the option of posting job opportunities for private tutors in case they require support for more specific needs related to learning. In this section, students choose the price range they are willing to pay and describe the services requested. 

Registered tutors can apply for offers and let students decide if their profile is suitable to meet their requirements. In case your profile is accepted, you will generate additional income for the lessons. 

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Teach classes in other subjects

Although the platform’s popularity lies in its services related to language teaching, in Preply, you have the opportunity to earn money online by registering as a tutor or distance teacher in other academic areas, such as history, biology, mathematics, literature computing, etc. 

Final words  about Preply

As you can see, Preply is a platform with many opportunities for those freelance language teachers who want to generate income online, either from home or traveling the world, leading a lifestyle as a digital nomad.

If you are taking your first steps in the world of freelance employment as a private language teacher, Preply, along with other platforms of this type, is an interesting option to position your personal brand, generate new contacts, and quickly build your virtual classroom without the need for invest money in it. 

It’s time to teach without geographical barriers! Take a look with your own eyes at the advantages of Preply, among other platforms to earn money online teaching languages, without leaving your computer.

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