Did you know that it is now possible to carry the COVID Certificate on your iPhone or Android? That’s how it is! The digital version of this document is fully downloadable to access from your mobile device at any time. 

If you want to carry your COVID Certificate on Android or iPhone, since March 2021, the legislative text of the famous “COVID passport” has been strongly promoted to speed up the free movement of citizens vaccinated against COVID-19, with a diagnostic test for SARS- CoV-2 whose result has been negative or that well, have recovered without problems from the infection. 

Through this article, you will learn how to request the COVID Certificate from your iPhone or Android and store it on your mobile to facilitate scanning anywhere, without depending on a physical copy for your sample. 

Without further introduction, let’s get started!

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What is the COVID Certificate, and what is it for? 

The COVID Certificate, also known as “COVID passport”, is an official document issued by the Spanish Ministry of Health, accredited by the European Commission, which allows travel between member countries of the European Union (EU), guaranteeing that you have complied with the vaccination schedule against COVID-19, your diagnostic tests for infection have given a negative result in the last 24/48 hours or failing that, you have already successfully recovered from the disease.

In any of the three cases mentioned, the EU Digital COVID Certificate will allow you to reliably, securely, and free of charge accredit your personal situation about the infection caused by COVID-19 without causing problems in your admission to Community countries, or you must submit to additional requirements. 

Although it is not mandatory to have the COVID Digital Certificate to travel within the EU, it is a simple way to speed up the entry process to countries with free movement, travel more safely, and avoid, as long as your health is not in danger, the constant performance of new diagnostic tests or quarantines. 

Download the COVID Certificate on your iPhone or Android step by step

These are the steps you must follow to download the new European Union (EU) COVID Digital Certificate from the comfort of your mobile if you have a digital certificate or permanent Cl @ ve: 

  • Access the platform enabled by the Ministry of Health to request the COVID Certificate by
  • Click the request button :
  • Click on the ” Start ” button.
  • Select your answer to the questions on the form. This will help you to know what type of certificate corresponds to you individually.
  • In this case, as we are making the request 100% electronically, click on the option to “Continue the request at this location”:
  • Select the means through which you prefer to access the electronic office:

And ready! You already have access to the platform, so you can fill in the missing data and give your consent to issue the COVID Digital Certificate.

!! Congratulations!! Now you can take it everywhere, after downloading the file on your mobile phone with iOS or Android. 

Note: in addition to receiving the digital version of the certificate in PDF format, the platform also allows obtaining the “COVID passport” in physical version, specifically by postal mail.

Applications to carry the COVID Certificate on the iPhone or Android

The agents in charge of allowing your entry to the EU member countries must scan the QR code of your COVID Certificate to verify the information. Although you can always open this document in a mobile PDF file reader or save a screenshot, there are also third-party mobile applications that allow you to store your COVID passport safely. 

Some applications to add your COVID Certificate to a “digital document portfolio”, depending on your device, are:

  • Wallet: Apple’s official app, integrated into iPhone mobile devices, compatible with the next version of its operating system, iOS 15.
  • Pass4Wallet: app available for iOS devices.
  • Stocard: app available for Android and iOS devices.
  • Pass2U Wallet: app available for iOS and Android devices.
  • Pass2Pay: app available for Android devices.

To end 

As you can see, carrying your COVID Certificate on your mobile, whether iPhone or Android, is a very simple way to verify your vaccination, recovery, or recent negative PCR tests so that your trips are not interrupted. You can accredit all these data with a simple QR code. 

Once the certificate is obtained, remember to save the PDF very well on your mobile and take a screenshot of the document to guarantee offline access. 

If you do not have a digital certificate or permanent Cl @ ve to obtain the COVID passport, each Autonomous Community, in a particular way, has enabled channels to obtain this certificate in the web portals or mobile app relevant to each community (available for iPhone and Android). The ideal is to inform yourself directly about the available means. 

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