The benefits of online education are enormous, and one of them is being able to access a wide range of training opportunities in different fields from anywhere in the world. For this reason, through this article, you will learn about the new training proposals of SEAS, one of the centers of Open Higher Studies with the highest reputation nationwide.


What exactly is SEAS? What are your areas of focus in your studies? Which master’s degrees and online SEAS courses can we recommend from Trabajar por el Mundo?

Here we answer all your questions, starting with …

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What is SEAS

SEAS is a center for Open Higher Studies dedicated to online technical training for the industrial and business field. 

In its more than 15 years of experience, SEAS has been able to enhance its role in the field of online training or “e-learning” to prepare professionals with very useful skills for the labor market, especially in areas such as hospitality, industrial design, renewable energy, electricity, electronics, and computers.

Through the SEAS Virtual Campus and its system of Open Higher Studies, geographical barriers to learning are eliminated with an extensive range of studies, degree levels, online courses, and programs with a practical approach to raise your professional value in the current job market. 

Higher studies and online training that you can do with SEAS

Below we will share with you some of the most attractive open training proposals that SEAS offers today. 

Among its more than 200 training options included in the Open Higher Studies catalog, these are excellent online training opportunities to feed your curriculum vitae for the labor fields that represent the future of work, in addition to enhancing your skills to scale between roles :

Master Web, Mobile, and Online Marketing Development

The Master Web, Mobile, and Online Marketing Development is 100% online.

A master’s degree to prepare World Wide Web experts trained to develop web and mobile applications, manage electronic commerce and social networks, carry out a search engine positioning strategy, and analyze data in search of continuous improvement key of web pages and/or online stores.

Online graphic design course with SEAS

The Graphic Design Technical Course is Online and lasts 150 hours.

Through the graphic design course, you will learn about the main tools used in this field to design and develop graphic communication elements that companies can use to make themselves known and promote their products. A very valuable tool in the field of business communication and the field of advertising.

Online course on photovoltaic solar energy with SEAS

With the help of this Photovoltaic Solar Energy Course taught at the SEAS Virtual Campus, you will be able to prepare professionals to replace traditional energy generation sources with renewable sources that are more environmentally friendly. 

With 150 hours of online training, this online course is a bridge to professional opportunities in technical offices to draft projects or reports for this type of installation, assembly departments for photovoltaic solar installations, and maintenance of installations to take advantage of solar energy. 

Hybrid and electric vehicle online course with SEAS

Considering that electric vehicles and hybrid cars are at the fore when we talk about the transportation sector today, this SEAS online course is an excellent starting point to become a qualified technician in this rapidly expanding industry. 

Through this online course full of 150 hours of educational content, you will learn the general concepts that revolve around the hybrid / electric vehicle, its architecture, components, energy storage systems, design, recharging, and regulations regarding its use. 

At the end of the training, with the help of specialized tutors in the area and practical opportunities to bring knowledge to the real level, you will find job opportunities as an expert in new automotive technologies, a specialist in electric and hybrid vehicles, technical assistant in maintenance, systems of vehicle recharging, as well as electric vehicle safety, regulations, and legislation.

Cybersecurity online course

In the current business context, the vulnerability of information remains a latent problem, to the point of forcing companies to increase their demand for talent and advice on information security, a field better known as cybersecurity. 

If you are interested in dedicating yourself professionally to the world of cybersecurity, cyber intelligence, and the preparation of audits and defense methods against the most common attacks, this online cybersecurity course, taught by SEAS, offers all the bases to enter this wide labor market. 

In addition, throughout 150 hours of training content available to you on the SEAS Virtual Campus, you will also be able to delve into issues of ethical hacking, social engineering, network and equipment forensic analysis, mobile device security, and prevention methodologies against intrusions.  

Upon completing the syllabus and internships, you will have more opportunities and career opportunities to work as a systems analyst, cybersecurity analyst, computer expert, pentester or ethical hacker. 

University Expert Course in Energy Efficiency

If you want to train in one of the fields with the most job opportunities, this university expert course in energy efficiency is ideal. It is carried out online and lasts 450 hours.

Understanding the mode of action of the main energy markets of today is essential to plan strategies of action on the consumption of an installation. In this way, solutions could be proposed to increase the efficiency of a primary fuel through cogeneration or improvements through an energy audit improving energy billing.

Master in Industrial Consulting

With our training, you will have the guarantee of being training as an industrial consultant thanks to the modules that make up this master’s degree, oriented to the reality of the industrial sector.

To end…

As you can see, the online coursescourses, and masters of SEAS: Open Higher Studies are an excellent opportunity to live academic experiences oriented to practical purposes and truly compatible with your professional objective. 

In addition, all training can be carried out 100% online, so if you need to reconcile your studies with other activities, for example, work or family responsibilities, it is entirely possible to manage SEAS courses at your own pace, adjust them to your level of priorities and take advantage of its flexibility. 

With more than 15 years of offering training in its Virtual Campus, SEAS is one of the most attractive online educational platforms in terms of methodology, training areas with a technical focus, guarantee of internships in companies, didactic material, and potential for job placement in the world market, if you want to access job opportunities abroad or online. 

If you are thinking of taking a career turn, continuing to develop skills based on your current profession, or starting a profession from scratch, SEAS higher education and online courses surely fit your purpose.

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