vAre you were looking for a  job in Finland? If so, in addition to visiting our section to find employment in Finland, you should also consider the latest job offers published by the  Eures Network to work in this destination.

Every month, through the  SEPE  (State Public Employment Service) website, new calls are published to work in different destinations in Europe.

During this month, a large number of Eure’s job opportunities have appeared in Finland. Most of the available offers are for work in the technology sector. However, there are opportunities for professionals in various areas.

Attentive to the deadlines to apply for Eure’s job offers in Finland tend to vary a lot. Some end during the same month. Don’t miss out on these opportunities!

Remember to prepare your  CV in English and send your application if you are interested in any positions.

How to access Eures offers to work in Finland.

The requirements to apply for these job offers will vary depending on the position to be applied for. You must take a good look at each of the calls to know what is required to apply for one of the  Eures jobs in Finland.

If you are from a member country of the European Union,  you do not need a visa to work in Finland. If you are from a country outside the EU, a work permit is necessary. You should contact the embassy of your country to learn more about this issue.

To further all the job offers available to work in Finland, you must access the  SEPE website.

If you have to do an interview that requires travel, the Eures Network has subsidies to reduce expenses.

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