Technology is evolving by leaps and bounds and the way we used to transact money prefers not to be left behind. Learning everything about cryptocurrencies and Blockchain prepares you to meet the potential replacement of traditional intermediary banking and generate profits in the economy of the future, starting today. If you don’t want to be obsolete, here are 8 free online courses to learn everything about cryptocurrencies.

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Free online course to invest in cryptocurrencies from scratch

With the help of this free course , hosted on the Udemy educational platform , you will access a wide range of content on how investing in cryptocurrencies works, what decentralized applications are, utility in the financial context, mitigating the risks of scams, among many other concepts for stop being a “beginner” as soon as possible. 

Through 8 video classes. That add up to about an hour in duration, you will have the opportunity to get your first approach to the world of cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and the digital economic revolution, studying from the comfort of your computer or mobile. 

Free online course on the fundamentals of Blockchain technology

The chain of blocks, better known as “Blockchain”, for its name in English, is the latest revolution in information systems with a single and secure record of virtual transactions. 

Through this online course, taught by the Javeriana University of Colombia, through the edX teaching platform, you will know the fundamentals of Blockchain in the face of the world of “unchangeable accounting”, without neglecting its potential to take advantage of the power of coding. information, in order to change the economic and financial disciplines as we know them until now. 

To learn everything about cryptocurrencies, it is advisable to learn everything about Blockchain first. This course can be a good ally along the way. 

Free online course to get started in cryptocurrencies and trading: Bitcoin, ETH, TRX …

With this introductory course, students also have the opportunity to experience their first approach to cryptocurrencies; understanding from what they are, to how they are stored in the blockchain.

In addition, the lessons review the main channels to buy cryptocurrencies, how to store your “crypto savings” in safe wallets, protect long-term investment, trade and understand all the details of this financial market without the need for prior knowledge. 

With almost two hours of content hosted on Udemy video lessons, this is one of the most comprehensive tutorials for those less knowledgeable (so far) about the world of cryptocurrencies, who want to learn self-taught. 

Free online Bitcoin mining course

Are you interested in the field of Bitcoin mining? The generation of new blocks in this network, known as “mining”, is another way to accumulate immediate profits thanks to your knowledge about cryptocurrencies. 

However, before starting to mine Bitcoin from your PC, it is essential to know the necessary tools to carry out this procedure, understand how they work, learn how to start them, among other points that will help you become a “crypto miner” and receive rewards in Bitcoin in exchange for your work. 

This free online course, hosted on Udemy, shows accessible audiovisual resources to observe how Bitcoin mining works, specifically through the CryptoTab Browser tool. 

Free online course on Blockchain and Bitcoin

With the help of this online course, available to register and participate for free thanks to the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) learning system, you will learn the disruptive innovation behind Bitcoin and Blockchain, facing a total revolution in the economy, finance, investment, stock market and trading.

Through 7 lessons, 3 instructional modules and PDF resources, this flexible course adjustable to your schedule, opens a new window of access to the fundamental concepts that allow you to understand the current cryptocurrency market and help you generate income with this digital medium of exchange. .

Free online course on secure cryptocurrency storage

While in the traditional banking world, we leave the storage and security of our money in the hands of banking institutions that operate as intermediaries, when using cryptocurrencies, only you are responsible for taking care of the “wallets” that will keep your cryptocurrencies safe. 

This free online course, hosted on the Udemy training platform, provides valuable information on the main types of “wallets” that allow you to store your cryptocurrencies, reviews the comparisons between them and makes specific recommendations that can help you begin to ensure security of your crypto assets. 

Through 5 classes in video format, which you can watch at your own pace and schedule, you will have access to clearly explained content with good advice on security when storing cryptocurrencies. 

Free online course on cryptocurrencies beyond Bitcoin

Despite the fact that Bitcoin is the most popular crypto asset with the greatest impact in the world, this course, over two weeks full of content, delves into the extensive history of cryptocurrencies beyond Bitcoin and also prepares you to understand the mechanisms of the cryptocurrency, the Blockchain system and the mining process. 

If you want to improve your digital financial education and stay up to date with the most disruptive news in the banking world as we knew it until today, this course is a good starting point. 

Free online course on Blockchain as a disruptive technology

Through this course, taught online by the Austral University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, you will learn about the impact of Blockchain as something more than a database of transactions in cryptocurrencies. 

The predictions of how Blockchain will forever transform the world of business, finance, law and even governments, are increasingly widespread. This course, in a 5-week program, prepares you to anticipate the next Blockchain disruptions from a legal, technological, economic and social perspective.

To end

One of the qualities of cryptocurrencies is their power of accessibility for everyone who has an internet connection; Knowing this digital means of exchange has the same advantage: there are hundreds of free online courses to learn everything about cryptocurrencies, without any prior knowledge . 

In addition, cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more relevant as a means of payment among freelancers , digital nomads and remote employees , so if you want to keep up with telework trends, learning everything about cryptocurrencies is essential to break geographical barriers in your channels of professional remuneration.

Ready to learn everything about cryptocurrencies and discover the alternative to the conventional economic system that is changing the world?

Don’t miss out on these free online courses that will serve as a gateway to cryptocurrencies, regardless of your geographic location.

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