What do the cities of Mexico have for digital nomads? If you look closely, it is rare to come across digital nomads who have not considered Mexican cities among their plans to live for a season. This vibrant destination is home to some of the best geographic locations, where digital nomads can be dazzled by the landscape and live off their jobs or businesses online without sacrificing one another. 

The marker of foreign teleworkers that Mexico receives only grows over the years (even in critical situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic), making it a destination that digital nomads see as a latent temptation in their travel agendas.

Specifically, 6 cities in Mexico seem tailor-made to meet the needs of digital nomads, so through this article, you will discover what they are and why more and more remote employees are curious about staying in these Mexican locations. Long-term. 

With this list of cities in Mexico for digital nomads, your desire to visit this wonderful country will surely be awakened, but without missing out on the most friendly destinations with your lifestyle as a remote worker. 

Without further introduction, let’s see which cities of Mexico are with the most charm to digital nomads from different parts of the world. 

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Carmen beach

This coastal resort in Mexico does not stop standing out as a “paradise” for digital nomads who want to work in an urban destination and be in contact with the natural beauties that only this city can offer. 

With high-quality services that facilitate remote work without interruptions (good internet is a plus!), Playa del Carmen has a place in the hearts of those of us who practice this lifestyle and work, a very attractive leisure life, more affordable accommodation than in other areas, and many other digital nomads with whom to network. 

Now you know: if you have thought about embarking on a workstation, Playa del Carmen is a way of feeling that you are on vacation without neglecting your work responsibilities. 


Merida, the capital city of the State of Yucatan, is also a vibrant and eye-catching destination for those who enjoy a digital nomadic lifestyle. 

Presented as an escape and respite for those who do not get along with the tourist crowds, Mérida is the “hidden pearl” of remote employees, in general, thanks to its tranquility, security, local hospitality, cheaper services and homes, gastronomy, and proximity. With the beach. 

With these qualities, won’t it be time to change the “Home Office” for “Merida Office”? 

Mexico City 

Inevitably, when talking about cities in Mexico for digital nomads, it is impossible not to mention its capital, Mexico City or CDMX, the starting point of most adventurers who visit Mexican lands to delight in one of the most important countries. Vibrant parts of the world. 

Among its more than 20 million inhabitants and several tourist activities in the skies, digital nomads had to manifest themselves at some point, making this destination one of their favorites worldwide. 

Mexico City has become a difficult alternative to discard thanks to coliving and coworking options distributed everywhere, an incessant leisure offer, a modern urban life rhythm, high-speed internet, and neighborhoods full of other digital nomads with groups and networks. Wide networking sites, such as Colonia Roma or La Condesa. 

Just do a Google search to find out how much CDMX gives to talk about among digital nomads. 


Oaxaca, one of the most important cities in Mexico, also attracts the gazes of many digital nomads, so this destination has gradually been able to equip itself to make this category of teleworkers feel “at home”. 

With coworking spaces distributed in different areas of the city (including the historical center) and groups of remote employees who also started life in Oaxaca, network, visit local cafes, and enjoy the possibility of living on a reduced budget, this Destiny may offer more than it first appears. 

Although the Wi-Fi connection is not as stable as in other areas of Mexico preferred by digital nomads, it is possible to easily acquire a SIM card or find corners to have wireless internet in cafes, co-working rooms, and residential areas of homes equipped with services. High quality (and at a good price!). 


Nature, low prices, coworking, and coliving spaces, affordable accommodation in neighborhoods like La Paz, among many other advantages, make Puebla a destination with a social reality that is friendly to the lifestyle of digital nomads.

In addition, outside of your work hours, the dynamism of this Mexican city will make you never get bored since you can always choose to take a walk or climb through the Malinche National Park, walk through the neighborhoods of Puebla, learn about pre-Columbian history in one of its countless museums or enjoy its most memorable gastronomic symbols. 


Tequila and mariachis are not the only things that Guadalajara, a western Mexican city, offers. Apparently, many digital nomads stay in this destination to escape the capital’s noise but without giving up all leisure and cultural entertainment options. 

Guadalajara is fortunate to host theaters, museums, nightlife, monumental and colonial squares, among other varieties to visit, not counting its proximity to Puerto Vallarta, another of the favorite destinations of digital nomads worldwide. 

The Guadalajara City Council is aware of its city’s impact on digital nomads, to the point of considering plans to reactivate the economy with initiatives that attract this type of teleworkers. We have to be vigilant! 

So far, one of its greatest advantages is the possibility of accessing different free Wi-Fi points distributed throughout the city to facilitate work from the computer. 

To end…

We could stay talking much more about the attractive destinations and cities that Mexico can offer to digital nomads; However, the cities mentioned are the ones that accumulate the most attention in the lists of places preferred by digital nomads who have included Mexico in part of their adventures. 

If you are also thinking of telecommuting from Mexico in one of its dream cities, it is your turn to decide! Which of these cities for digital nomads in Mexico has caught your attention? Respond in the comments! Are there any you would add to the list?

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